About Us

The Friends of the Durham Library is a group of volunteers that provides financial support to Durham County Library.

What We Do

In our 40-year history, we’ve raised more than $1 million for the library through book sales and memberships. Over 1,000 Friends contribute annually and many actively volunteer their time as well. The Friends received statewide recognition with the 2005 Frances B. Reid Award “for outstanding service to their library and their community.”

Friends of the Durham Library Board

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

President: Jane Kuhar

Vice President: Carolyn Colsher

Treasurer: Susan Skinner

Secretary: Joel Lerner

Ellen Carpenter

Elizabeth Hein

Jennifer Hollar

Amy Kostrewa

Joe Kowalski

Kammie Michael

Bruce Mitchell

Angela Zoltners

Liaison from the Friends of the Stanford L. Warren Library

André Vann

Interested in Joining Our Board?

We elect new board members every June at our Annual Meeting. If you are interested in joining our board, fill out this application and send it to our Nominations Chair at fodlcontact@gmail.com.


Our Programs

Every year the Friends of the Durham Library sponsors special projects at the Durham County Library. Here are just a few from the summer of 2018.

Conversar, Caminar y Comer - Talk, Walk & Eat

A program the Friends of the Durham Library funds is Conversar, Caminar y Comer – Talk, Walk & Eat. – a conversation and walking partnership. The program will pair adults that are wanting to practice speaking English and Spanish with native Spanish speakers. Participants in this intensive program will meet each Wednesday evening at the Makerlab and walk around the mall for an hour to practice speaking in English and Spanish with their partner. Each pair will be given matching clipboards with bilingual conversation starters, labeled pictures, etc. If the participants have children over the age of four, they can stay in the Makerlab to work on their homework, play educational games, or make crafts with teen volunteers. After each session, everyone will return back to the Makerlab for a small snack/meal. At the end of the sixth session, we will have a family style potluck dinner together and share what everyone has learned. This kind of innovative project that takes the talented library staff out into the community to share their expertise is exactly why we put aside some money every year to fund special projects. We look forward to seeing how the program turns out.

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